Did you know?

  • While shopping on Amazon.com, Root international can get a half percent donation for your purchase price.  That translates to $0.10 on a $20.00 purchase.  It may not seem like much, but every penny counts.  Go to smile.amazon.com/ch/33-1119753 and make sure you select Root International.
  • Use GoodSearch for your search engine to help raise money for Root International.  Once you sign up, every search that you make earns Root one cent.  GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo, not Google.  They do not cause pop ups, cookies, or spam.  Ten searches through this search engine in one day will generate $0.10 for Root.  Try it!  If one person did only five searches per day, that would raise $18.00 for Root in one year.  If 100 people did only five searches a day through GoodSource, that could bring in $1800 per year!
  • Mercer Community Support (Mercer, PA):  Root International is always in need of volunteers.  We need youth groups from the churches as well as students from the high schools and colleges in the area to volunteer.  We also welcome support from Boy Scout groups and civic organizations.  If your organization would like to help out, please contact Ariel Thompson at 724-699-2351 for future events.  You make a difference!